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Strictly Sewers is the company to turn to when you need any service related to your residential or commercial sewer system. Our entire staff places a high value on reliability and safety. Rest assured that you can count on us to go the extra mile to provide quality workmanship and professional results every time. After all, we are the leading sewer repair contractor in Seattle, and surrounding areas.

Send us your video from others for review to see if our patent pending system will work for you.

When you make Strictly Sewers your preferred sewer repair contractor in Seattle, and the surrounding areas you can expect to receive timely workmanship and prompt turnaround. We'll provide you with a free estimate for your project and complete every task in line with the high standards of our industry. Our services also come with a workmanship guarantee for 5 years.

Our Featured Service Offerings

Our crew is qualified to handle the following sewer repair services:

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    Repairing and replacing sewer lines that have become separated due to differential settling is just one of our many areas of expertise. We have an array of no-dig and traditional replacement methods at our disposal that we'll utilize for the benefit of our clients. We have an innovative approach to offset and eroded corner repairs in the street and hard to dig locations that is patent pending.

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    Our trenchless sewer services cover everything from localized patching to complete replacement of seriously compromised lines with the added advantage of requiring little to no subsurface excavation.

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    If your sewer line has developed leaks due to corrosion, small-scale pipe separations, root damage, or other issues, a new epoxy-coated liner could solve the problem once and for all. You can be sure that we'll only use quality products and professional-grade equipment to carry out your important project.

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    For pipes that need complete replacement rather than simple relining, pipe bursting represents a minimally invasive solution. This technique employs a drill bit connected to a pipe puller that simultaneously demolishes the old pipe and draws a new line into place.

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    Whenever your residential or commercial sewer line could use a thorough cleaning, our hydro jetting services are tough to match. This modern method sends a pressurized stream of water to break up and wash away all types of commonly encountered obstructions. We conduct this procedure with lower pressure for less damage to your sewer lines and follow up with sandpaper flaps to remove the more stubborn roots.

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    Our sewer camera inspection services often go hand-in-hand with our other sewer line services. Undertaking a preliminary inspection means that we can focus our cleaning and repair efforts appropriately while conducting a post-service inspection permits us to gauge the effectiveness of our work. For an independent and unbiased sewer inspection report, we recommend Hydro Physics at 425-775-8445.

Before Offset

Before: 90% OFFSET

This is a picture of a 90% offset sewer pipe 15 feet deep in the street

Repaired Offset

Repaired offset

Offset repair with a Cured in Place Patch from a hole dug at the property line

After Repair Offset

After: Repair Offset

Cured in Place Pipe (Liner) installed through offset repair to city main.

Example of an eroded corner we can repair in the street

Why Choose Our Team for Sewer Repair Services

How we differ from the other contractors:

  • Don’t dig in the street if you don’t have to!!!
  • We have been in business since 2008.
  • We can fix 90% offsets and eroded corners exposing a hole(s) to dirt without digging in the street or hard-to-dig areas.
  • We have repaired problems 30’ deep, under heavy arterials, under electric bus lines, and massive retaining walls with our exclusive repair process.

Meeting the Needs of a Diverse Clientele

Although the bulk of our client base consists of residential property owners in and around the Seattle metro region, we're pleased to offer our sewer service expertise to the local business community as well. Our coverage zone includes:

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Read what our clients are saying

Spencer Chynoweth
Spencer Chynoweth
Google Review

We highly recommend Strictly Sewers!! They use super modern techniques to repair and update your old failing sewer line. We’re talking about replacing your sewer lines by using UV light cure lining instead of trenching! they even have remote control robotic cutters that they use inside your sewer line! We’ve used Strictly sewers as a subcontractor for years!

Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson
Google Review

Scott and his crew did a great job repairing our broken sewer line. They were very timely, communicative, and transparent. They had great attention to detail, and they left the job site cleaner than they found it. Would recommend!

Michael Larson
Michael Larson
Google Review

These guys bid the job as we were selling the house, they did the repair on time, on budget and without impacting the landscaping. The buyer was happy and so are we. If you need a sewer repair this is the only call you need to make.

Susan Brown
Susan Brown
Google Review

Strictly Sewers jetted out my line that had root obstructions. This was the third outfit that attempted to clear the line, and they did it. Third time was the charm, but if I had not found Strictly Sewers I would still be having problems. They stayed until the entire line was clear, and proved it with a video of the line. They are the best.

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