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The Dependable Sewer Repair Contractor in Mercer Island, WA, and Surrounding Areas

As a leading sewer repair contractor in Mercer Island, WA, and surrounding areas, Strictly Sewers Inc. is the company to count on when you need sewer-related work. We handle everything from minor repairs to complete sewer line replacement, and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your business and your respect by furnishing high-quality sewer services at your property.

Our Featured Service Offerings

We're trained and equipped to provide the following sewer repair services:

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    We possess experience and know-how that allows us to find and fix pipe sections that have become offset due to soil compaction, subsurface erosion or other causes. Let us get your sewer line functioning at peak efficiency again with our professional repair or replacement services.

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    Trenchless sewer technology was created to manage a wide variety of common tasks without the need for extensive excavation work. Our trenchless services include patching small areas, completely restoring entire pipelines and everything in between.

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    If a pipe has developed leaks or minor damage but is otherwise in good condition, installing a new CIPP liner can improve its functionality and extend its service life for years or even decades.

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    For pipeline replacement without all the hassles associated with extensive excavation, pipe bursting is another solution. This technique uses a bursting head to break up the old pipe as a new pipe is pulled into place.

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    If your sewer line has become blocked by grease, tree roots or other substances, hydro jetting will get it flowing smoothly once again. Jetting uses pressurized water to demolish even stubborn drain clogs and wash away the resulting debris.

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    A camera inspection is a great way to locate problem areas inside subsurface sewer lines. We conduct these inspections as part of our repair and maintenance work. For an unbiased independent sewer scope report we recommend Hydro Physics at 425-775-8445.

  • If just a section of your sewer line is bad, a spot repair may be all that is needed. We excavate to the damaged section of pipe, and replace with new PVC pipe.

  • Our vast line-up of services includes installing new clean-outs to access your sewer line from the outside the home. This access point keeps the sewer mess outside when needing to camera or service your line.

Why Call on Us For Root Removal Services?

When you choose us as your local sewer service providers, you can count on our personnel to fully investigate the problems that you've been having at your property. If we determine that hydro jetting roots is the solution to your sewer line issues, we'll carry out the work quickly to minimize downtime for your system. We will clean up after ourselves when the job is done. We also provide other services, such as:

  • Hydro Jetting
  • Offset Sewer Line Repair
  • Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) Lining

Benefiting Home and Business Owners Alike

When you make Strictly Sewers your sewer repair contractor in Mercer Island, WA, and surrounding areas, you'll get the advantage of our decades of collective expertise. We'll start your project with a complimentary written estimate and completely clean up after ourselves when the work is through. Our team uses State-of-the-art Bluelight technology and industry-leading tools and patent pending methods. You can also expect a 5-year workmanship guarantee courtesy of our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians.

Find Out How We Can Assist You

Call Strictly Sewers Inc. to request a service visit at your local home or business today. You may also fill out the online form to ask for a free estimate from our team.

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