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If you own a home or business in the greater local area that's served by a standard sewer line, you're certain to eventually require the help of the team at Strictly Sewers Inc. We offer a full complement of sewer repair services in Seattle, and the surrounding areas. Our solutions are aimed at keeping sewer lines of all ages and materials in good condition, so make us your trusted service providers the next time your sewer system needs an update.

Ready to Benefit From Any of These Services?

Our expertise covers all the following service categories:

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    If your sewer line has become misaligned due to settling or other damage, we supply offset repair services to deal with this problem. We'll go over all your options and help you settle on the one that's right for you. One of our prized innovations is our patent-pending approach to repairing offsets.

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    When sewer repairs or replacements are needed, we can handle the work with little to no excavation by employing modern trenchless techniques. The results of our trenchless services are comparable to traditional pipe repair work but with less incidental property damage. We use Bluelight from Hammerhead, among other top-of-the-line equipment available to us.

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    CIPP lining is one of the many trenchless repair tasks that we're equipped to furnish. The new liner material is capable of strengthening a corroded pipe and also sealing up the line against future damage.

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    As the name suggests, pipe bursting is a method of breaking up an old pipe with a horizontal drill bit. The old pipe is then replaced as it's broken up by pulling a new line into place.

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    If your sewer line could use a deep clean, professional hydro jetting services may be in order. This innovative technique washes away drain clogs with a precision-directed stream of pressurized water.

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    When we want information about what's happening inside a sewer line, a detailed camera inspection will usually provide the answers we're looking for. We're happy to provide this service as a tool for diagnosing blockages, damage, and other problems.

  • We aim to avoid excavation whenever possible, but it's an unfortunate necessity on some sewer line projects. Our team is ready to provide digging and trenching work to facilitate our other repair services if that's what your job requires.

  • We're the team to depend on when you want to upgrade your sewer system with a new clean-out port. We'll obtain all the necessary supplies and then provide speedy installation work that's sure to meet with your approval.

Why Put Your Trust in Us?

Strictly Sewers is Trench-safety certified, as safety is our topmost priority. We take pride in being a leader in the trenchless industry, having been one of the earliest to adopt the technology in the Pacific Northwest. Our personnel comes backed by decades of collective expertise that you can rely on. We've also been in business in this area since 2008, so you can turn to our locally-owned, family-run company with confidence and peace of mind that your project will be handled promptly and correctly. Our team also offers a 5-year workmanship guarantee.

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