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A Look at Sewer Root Removal in Seattle, WA, and Surrounding Areas

If your sewer line has started backing up on a regular basis, invasive roots may be to blame. The root systems of trees and shrubs can make their way into sewer lines through even the tiniest of cracks and separations. We here at Strictly Sewers Inc. are local experts when it comes to dealing with root-related sewer line issues, as sewer root removal in Seattle, and surrounding areas is a specialization of ours.

We offer professional hydro jetting services that are intended to permanently eliminate this all-too-common problem. Be sure to give us a call for more details.

Tree Roots in Sewer Lines: Signs and Prevention

The moisture and nutrients that tree roots absorb inside a sewer line can promote healthier-than-normal growth. Sewer line blockages that increase in frequency and severity over time could also point to invasive plant roots.

The best way to prevent this problem is by locating trees and other deep-rooted plants far from the path of a subsurface sewer line. Periodic hydro jetting services can also be used to remove any roots that do find their way into the line.

Problems Caused by Roots in a Sewer Line

Tree root invasion can lead to serious sewer line back-ups, but the damage often goes much further than that. As the roots expand, they cause small cracks to widen into larger separations, and this could eventually contribute to a complete pipeline rupture. Roots also promote erosion by trapping high-strength wastewater in the pipe.

Why Call on Us For Root Removal Services?

When you choose us as your local sewer service providers, you can count on our personnel to fully investigate the problems that you've been having at your property. If we determine that hydro jetting roots is the solution to your sewer line issues, we'll carry out the work quickly to minimize downtime for your system. We will clean up after ourselves when the job is done. We also provide other services, such as:

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We’re Ready to Address Sewer Roots

If your property is overdue for sewer root removal in Seattle, and surrounding areas, give Strictly Sewers a call to set up a service visit today. You may also fill out the online form for an appointment.

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