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In-Depth Sewer Camera Inspection in Seattle, WA, and Surrounding Areas

Have you been told by a low cost or free inspection company that you have a major sewer problem??? Call us for a second opinion! If you currently have problems with what's going inside your residential or commercial sewer line, the team here at Strictly Sewers Inc. is standing by to camera your line to get you an estimate for repair.

If you would just like an unbiased camera inspection and report to see if you have any problems, please call Hydro Physics at 425-775-8445 for a independent report and video. If Hydro Physics determines you have a problem with your sewer line you are free to share the report with any contractor for a repair estimate. We are happy to review his inspection report and prepare a free estimate for you.

The next time you think there is a pipe-related problem, have our team handle it right from the get-go. Call us for a free estimate. We also offer:

Sewer Camera Inspection

Signs That a Pipe Camera Inspection is in Order

Pipes that are making strange noises, draining slowly, or showing indications of a leak or obstruction are usually good candidates for a plumbing camera inspection. The camera allows us to get up-close images of the conditions inside a pipeline to address blockages, damage, and other problems

What We Look For During an Inspection

We review your independent video scope and report to confirm you have a problem in your sewer line. During our video inspection, we will locate the problem, its depth, then look for the best place to excavate to be least intrusive on your property, so we can prepare you with the most accurate estimate for repair.

Why Sewer Camera Inspections Are so Advantageous

Prior to the development of modern pipe inspection camera technology, it was necessary to guess at the causes behind a slow-moving sewer line. Sewer cameras are deployed to search for cracks, erosion, separations, settling, and other types of pipeline damage. With a sewer camera locator, we can pinpoint where the problem is located. If pipe replacements or lining is recommended, we will find the best place for installation.

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