Count on a Sewer Repair Contractor in Shoreline, WA, and Surrounding Areas from Our Team

If your sewer line has been sending up warning signs of possible problems, a call to Strictly Sewers Inc. should be your first course of action. Our crew is standing by to evaluate the trouble indicators you've noticed and suggest repair strategies that will work for you. As a leading sewer repair contractor in Shoreline, WA, and surrounding areas, we prioritize safety in every project.

A Brief Guide on the Services We Provide

We offer a full complement of sewer repair services throughout greater Seattle. Our licensed, bonded, and insured team can make short work of these sewer line repair tasks:

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    Whether your sewer piping has become misaligned due to soil movement, tree root action or undetermined causes, we'll take the necessary steps to resolve the offset and restore full flow through the line again.

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    If you're not yet familiar with the positive aspects of trenchless sewer repair and replacement, it's time you found out about these innovative technologies. We can use them to fix a wide range of sewer line problems without heavy equipment or extensive digging. We use Bluelight as well as other top-of-the-line equipment.

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    Pipe lining is a fast, effective sewer repair method that can be carried out through an existing drain, valve or connection point. The result is a smooth, durable new surface inside the footprint of the existing sewer pipe.

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    Pipe bursting may sound like a serious headache for a property owner, but it's really a highly reliable method of replacing a sewer line without having to dig it up. Pipe bursting consists of busting head and pulling new HDPE pipe through the old pipe line between two open holes.

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    If your sewer line needs cleaning instead of in-depth repairs, our crew is prepared to deliver. We offer hydro jetting to resolve most types of drain clogs by breaking them up with the power of pressurized water.

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    A camera inspection is a great way to locate problem areas inside subsurface sewer lines. We conduct these inspections as part of our repair and maintenance work. For an unbiased independent sewer scope report we recommend Hydro Physics at 425-775-8445.

  • If just a section of your sewer line is bad, a spot repair may be all that is needed. We excavate to the damaged section of pipe, and replace with new PVC pipe.

  • Our vast line-up of services includes installing new clean-outs to access your sewer line from the outside the home. This access point keeps the sewer mess outside when needing to camera or service your line.

Why You Should Put Your Trust in Us

We're pleased to serve all types of property owners. We can tailor our work to suit large commercial clientele and regular homeowners alike at affordable pricing. Strictly Sewers uses state-of-the-art equipment and high quality materials on every job. We have invented an innovative repair tool and process for repairing offsets and turning corners.

We look out for our clients by providing honest, open communication and prompt project turnaround. Call us for your free estimate.

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